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Buy 100% Organic Products at the Best CBD Smoke Shop

Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke is a reputed CBD smoke shop in Atlanta trusted by thousands of smokers and CBD enthusiasts. We have the perfect range of CBD, vaping, and smoking accessories that you won't find anywhere else. From innovative vaping devices to tasty pet products for your furry friends, find everything you need for your CBD and smoking needs under one roof. 


We only procure limited edition products from leading brands to deliver a distinct experience to our patrons they won't find anywhere else. From disposable vapes and CBD tinctures to papers, wraps, glassware, smoking accessories, and much more - Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke has everything you need for your CBD and smoking needs. Our friendly staff prioritizes your satisfaction with impeccable customer service. Reach out to us and we will be happy to find everything you need. 


Quality Products with Fast Shipping 


Our CBD smoke shop is committed to delivering tier-one products to enthusiasts across Atlanta and the country. 

·        Vapes

E-liquids, disposable vapes, tanks, coils, pods, drip tips, nicotine & freebase vapes.

·        CBD 

Gummies, Tinctures, Edibles, Oils, bath bombs, creams, pet treats.

·        Smoking Accessories 

Tobacco, rolling papers, grinders, wax kits, papers, cones, storage containers, leaves, wraps, and cigars.

·        Hookah & Shisha

Hookah, hookah bowls, Shisha, Hookah accessories.

·        Nootropics

Mushroom, kana.

·        Delta 8/9

Give us a Visit

If you find yourself in Stockbridge, Hapeville, or Sandy Springs, stop by Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke. Try our vast range of products and know why we're the most popular CBD smoke shop in the area. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it. 

Visit our online shop for exclusive offers and discounts on your favorite products, or call (404) 500-3983. 


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