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What is a 3-way handicap bet? 6 Tips for Successful Betting

In the betting boards of sports betting websites, we can easily notice the 3-way handicap bet. This is a familiar type of bet for Asians, and in this article, Wintips will share with you the most accurate way to read this type of football bet.

Additionally, experts will also provide some useful football tips this weekend when placing this type of bet.

Understanding the 3-way handicap bet:

The 3-way handicap bet, also known as 3W Handicap, is a type of handicap bet. As the name suggests, it involves handicapping all three outcomes, and in reality, this bet has many interesting points.

According to conventions, this handicap bet will round to 1, 2, 3 instead of having fractions like 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75 as in other Asian handicap bets.

Furthermore, players can handicap either the first half or the entire match, and the bookmaker will offer different odds throughout the game.

Currently, this 3-way handicap bet can also be used for over/under betting and is quite popular in the Vietnamese market.

Characteristics of the 3-way handicap bet:

Before going into details, let's go over some of the most prominent characteristics of this handicap bet:

Relatively high win rate.

Rounded odds which are advantageous for players.

Suitable for many major matches.

Because of these features, this betting method is widely used and frequently appears on bookmakers' boards.

Guide on how to play three-way handicap betting

Playing three-way handicap is similar to regular handicap betting with half-time and full-time odds.

However, there are some small differences in gameplay that Wintips will point out for you right away.

Example of a real case

To make it easier to understand, let's take a specific example of this three-way handicap betting so that even newcomers can understand it easily.

For example, Manchester City faces Chelsea (Manchester is the home team) and the bookmaker releases the three-way handicap odds as follows:

Manchester City (-3)


Draw (-3)


Chelsea (3)


Manchester City (-2)


Draw (-2)


Chelsea (2)


Manchester City (-1)


Draw (-1)


Chelsea (1)


Manchester City (1)


Draw (1)


Chelsea (-1)


Manchester City handicaps 3 goals and the result is a win by a margin of over 4 goals, then choosing this bet will earn you enough money.

If you bet 100,000 VND, you will win 100 x 7.75 = 775,000 VND. If Manchester City wins by a margin of 3 goals, you will get your money back.

If betting on Chelsea being handicapped with a 3-draw and Chelsea wins, you will earn enough money.

Furthermore, choosing this option and Chelsea drawing or losing by 1 goal will still earn you money. Betting 100,000 VND will earn you 100 x 1.11 = 110,000 VND.

In the case of betting on Chelsea but Manchester City wins by a margin of 3 goals, you will get your money back, and if Manchester City wins by a margin of over 4 goals, you will lose all your money.

Calculation of winnings for winning bets

The calculation of winnings for winning three-way handicap bets is very simple, applying the following formula:

Winnings = Bet amount x Three-way handicap odds.

If you lose, you will lose the entire amount of the bet. Especially if the match is canceled, the bookmaker will refund the full amount to all players.

6 Effective Tips for Placing Three-Way Handicap Bets

No matter the type of bet you aim to win, having a strategy is crucial. You can either devise one on your own or learn from experienced bettors to enhance efficiency and save time. Right here, seasoned bettors will share with you the most accurate and profitable strategies betting tips sites for playing three-way handicaps.

#1 Choose the Right Odds

Expert advice suggests opting for Asian Odds to minimize risks and facilitate easier calculations and habits. Additionally, flexibly combine betting on both the upper and lower sides to increase your chances of winning.

#2 Select the Right Matches

It's best to choose matches with comparable strengths and levels of competition. This increases the likelihood of significant score differences and makes it easier to select the most suitable betting odds for yourself.

#3 Efficient Capital Management

Avoid going all in, betting excessively, or placing too many bets or matches in a day. Doing so will prevent you from closely following the matches, and you may end up losing everything. Play with control and only invest a small portion of your capital to ensure safety and minimize risks.

#4 Grasp Insider Information

Being informed about the form of team members, the goalkeeper, the leading coach, etc., will help you predict match outcomes more accurately. Do not underestimate the importance of news and information provided by bookmakers on the betting board to increase your chances of success and make the most accurate predictions.

#5 Avoid Falling into Bookmakers' Traps

Only opt for three-way handicaps if you notice high Asian Odds and the potential for a significant score difference. Investing in matches where both teams are evenly matched increases the likelihood of surprises and higher chances of losing.

#6 Choose Reputable Bookmakers

Why do people often lose in sports betting? One of the main reasons is choosing unreliable betting platforms. Never assume that all betting sites are the same because only reputable bookmakers provide safety, fairness in rewards, and various other benefits.

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These are some insights into what three-way handicap betting is and the most accurate strategies for novice bettors. Wintips believes that mastering this knowledge will make you more confident in selecting betting odds and seizing the entertaining and lucrative opportunities swiftly.


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