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The Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) is a federal law implemented to protect consumers in electronic transactions, including debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, and electronic bill payments. Under the EFTA, consumers have certain rights when using electronic fund transfers, which include the right to dispute unauthorized transactions and receive error resolution procedures.

If you feel that your EFTA rights have been violated in any way, you will have to contact an Electronic Funds Transfer Act lawyer. These lawyers are competent in matters of electronic fund transfers and offer you advice and representation should you have issues regarding unauthorized transactions, errors in account statements, or even violations of the EFTA regulations by financial institutions.

A Electronic Funds Transfer Act lawyer can provide you with the necessary information regarding your rights under the law and help you realize what steps to take in order to resolve your dispute. That lawyer will be able to help with the collection of evidence, negotiating with financial institutions, and filing lawsuits (in case it comes to this) to recover damages for any loss that occurred due to violations of the EFTA.

No matter what problem you have encountered with unauthorized transactions or errors in your account statements, legal.


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